Types of Shoes

Shoes are footwear that is usually not above the ankles. The foot is covered by different materials such as leather or fabric. The shoes can be classified according to the gender of who will use them; however, there are lots of different types of shoes with designs and styles now that matches both men and women.

Male Shoes

Men's Shoes

The sole. In antiquity, the most used bottom was leather. Nowadays, the most common is the manufacture of soles from synthetic materials. If they have small heels, they are safer. Sometimes they have small reliefs or small stripes, other times small holes are formed because if they are entirely flat, they are dangerous and can cause accidents.

Fastening. Shoes can be fastened with laces, buckles or clasps; except moccasins that do not need to be tied.

It can also be classified according to their use:

Daily shoes. These are used regularly; commonly called street shoes. They are characterized by being somewhat safe shoes, which are not conducive to generate slips or other accidents. Must be comfortable and provide some protection. Also, it should not create anomalies in the feet of those who wear them and finally perform an aesthetic function.

Work shoes. According to the rules which must meet specific characteristics such as resist hydrocarbons, oils, must be anti-static and non-slip, and resist different types of temperatures. The soles must be sturdy to have a protective function, the same as the tip.

Sports shoes. In addition to complying with the performance of daily shoes, they must be adapted to the sports activity desired. They must generally be suited to the athlete’s foot, i.e., his or her physical characteristics, the sport to be practiced and the type of floor where it will be exercised.

Orthopedic shoes. Orthopedic shoes are used for many different reasons, for example when you have a flat foot, if you have one leg longer than the other, diabetics in some instances can also use it, among other uses.

Women Shoes

Women's shoes

Mules. It does not have any kind of heel support.

Taco. Shoes with heels are widely used by women not only to feel taller but in turn favor the posture. There are high heels, those that exceed five centimeters. Those that are below five centimeters are called low heels.

Dancers. This kind of shoes is widely used during times when temperatures are higher. They cover the whole foot, except the part of the instep.

Straps. They are equipped with a back strap that remains attached to the foot.

Boots. They are higher than the others as they must go beyond the ankle. They can even reach the knees.

Platforms. These differ with a very high sole.

Sports shoes. They must cover the same functions as men’s sports shoes, but they are adapted to the woman’s foot.

Dance shoes. Within this category are shoes to perform classical dances and other types of dances like jazz, tango, folklore, and so on.

Orthopedic shoes. The same purpose as male orthopedic shoes; only adapted for women.

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