Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Shoes

Although bridal shoes are usually hidden underneath the dress, they are still gaining in prominence at weddings. Modern weddings also now have shorter dresses that highlight the features of bridal shoes.

Tips for Choosing your bridal shoes

Choosing bridal shoes holds great importance. With them, you are going to endure many hours, and they must help to bear the weight of the wedding dress. Nowadays in the specialized stores, you will be able to find a model that adapts to your personal taste without a doubt, but even so, we must take into account some factors at the time of choosing the wedding shoes.

Comfort Before Everything

Ideally, you should have a second shoe. You can choose some wedges or some dancers so that when the banquet is over, and the dance begins, you can enjoy your party to the fullest.

However, it is essential that you choose quality bridal shoes that are comfortable for you. If you are not used to wearing heels, a good choice may be to opt for a small heel that holds the foot just fine.

If you really want to wear heels but you know you won’t really be able to stand it, look for a model that has an inner platform and the heel a little wider. Remember that you will be wearing your shoes from the moment you leave the house until after the banquet.

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Theme

Without a doubt, it is vital that you take into account the place and the season of the year in which you get married. If you get married in winter, the best thing is to opt for a closed shoe that can protect you from the cold and humidity. If you get married in the spring or summer, you will also have to consider the place.

Wearing killer heels when you get married on the beach or in some open-air space where most of the day/night you will be walking on grass would not be the best decision either.

Dress Style

The style of your shoes should match the bride’s chosen look. If you wear a classic dress, you should choose a classic shoe (this doesn’t mean boring). There is a great variety of classic, salon-type shoes that have very special adornments both in the boot and in the heel.

If you opt for colored shoes, you may want to consider combining them with other accessories you have chosen to make a little sense of your wedding color palette.

Tricks to Enjoy Your Shoes Without Suffering

Wearing new shoes always equals shattered and sore feet. However, on the most special day of your life, you can’t allow yourself to be bitter on the day with scratches and wounds that will make you not even arrive at the time of the dance.

Bride holding her bridal shoes

There are little tricks that help you avoid unnecessary suffering.

  • Prepare your shoes a few weeks before the wedding by applying moisturizer (non-greasy) inside. Put on some heavy socks and walk them around the house as often as you can.
  • Another option is to take the shoes to widen them a little.
  • Another trick to widen shoes is to put a bag of water inside them and put them in the freezer one night.

Remember that it is essential to have a plan B, the dancers or wedge shoes you cannot leave at home under any circumstances. Do you know more tricks that help to avoid painful feet at weddings?

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