Fashion Trend: 12 Flat Shoe Styles

There are plenty of attractive alternatives to high heels this fall 2018-2019. We collected the most comfortable and trendy flat shoes for you.
The best thing about shoes without high heels is that you can combine them with either dresses, skirts or pants and they will always look great!

Motorbike Boots

Motorbike boots are a reference in street style looks, but they have reached the catwalks thanks to their comfort and versatility. They are ideal to combine with jeans, midi skirts or short flower dresses. They will be perfect if you want a grunge look.

Animal Print Shoes

Animal print is not only on clothing but also on footwear. Our bet for the season is Chelsea-style boots with leopard print, hair effect, and rubber on the side. You can wear them with jeans or black men’s trousers.

Another model that sweeps the best street style looks are the boots with laces in the Dr. Martens style. Flat platforms are ideal because it helps you gain a few centimeters more without losing comfort. Combine the laced boots with a minidress of flowers, with a skirt with animal print or with jeans anklets.

Chunky Sneakers

Comfortable sneakers

Chunky sneakers are the coolest sneaker model of the season. Although they are a little daring, the reality is that they can be combined in multiple ways. They will look great with a sports outfit or a midi dress in satin fabric. Bet on contrasts, and you will triumph.


The moccasins are the classic footwear par excellence, but for several seasons have returned with much strength and renewed airs. The unique details such as beads or leather type make it a valid shoe to wear with skirts and pants. They are also ideal with any office look.

Some Blucher

The blucher shoes have a simple style, but they are a great basic that you can always resort to. Some of the round toes are made of black leather and lace closure. Combine them with high waisted trousers or a masculine outfit with British touches.

Tweed Shoes

The tweed is one of the star fabrics of winter and one of the most elegant in existence. A shoe with this material is perfect for your office styles or to combine them with jeans and a white t-shirt. Dancers with tweed toe will stylize your figure and become a fundamental part of your wardrobe.


Mules are the ideal footwear for the mid-season and in winter; you can wear them with cool socks. Bet on mules full of sequins and rhinestones to add a touch of bohemian glamour to your looks. Wear them with a boho-style maxi dress or a black tailoring suit for a party.

Mule Shoes

Cowboy Boots

The top boots of the season are the cowboy and are so versatile that you can combine them with maxi dresses chic boho style, with shorts, or with a short dress. Bet on a model in black so you can make the most of it when creating your outfits

Beadless Dancers

Dancers are one of the most comfortable shoes out there. This autumn opts for tipped dancers in a lively color. Our bet is an underlined model in purple leather. How to combine them? With outfits of minimalist style, party looks, or with a tailored suit.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are super comfortable and ideal to enhance an everyday look. Although the designs in black or brown are the best known this season; black and white add a retro-futuristic touch to your styles.

Sock Type Boots

Boots or sock-style sports have been on the rampage for several seasons, but this fall will be fully consolidated. This type of booty is hyper comfortable and must have for your most sporty looks. You can combine them with jogger trousers, a sweatshirt or a 100% urban style.

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