Top fashion sites of 2018

There are many sites from which you can purchase fashion. So much so, that the customers aren’t sure about the quality of many sites that deliver the best goods.

From several options to choose from, the people usually go for the brands that are popular such as Louis Vuitton. But several other options are relatively unknown such as Verge Girl.

You might see here that online shopping has paved the way for makers of fashion to express themselves in ways they’ve never been able to before.


Before, you needed a shop to display and sell the goods that you made. But now, with the inception of e-commerce, you have small time fashion makers that have found for themselves a platform to show what they’ve got.

In this article, we go through sites that offer top quality fashion.

Réalisation Par

A clothing label founded by Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot, Réalisation Par is great if you want to purchase skirts, tops or dresses.

The unique feature of their website is the fact that they offer they recite the background of the article of clothing as a  story. The site also enables the viewer to see the dress from multiple angles.

Rollie Nation

Rollie Nation is known for the shoes that they design and sell online. The website, although silly and whacky in its appearance, is very handy when it comes to the information that they reveal to the customer.

It should also be noted that the images that they used to display their shoes are of high quality. They’re also accompanied by a video of a person walking while wearing the shoe.

Buyers can also leave a review on the product that they’ve purchased that other users visiting the page can read.

Verge Girl

Verge Girl sells women’s fashion that is laid back and at the same time packed with attitude and style. The website usually sells a variety of clothing such as jackets, jeans and dresses from both Australian and International designers.


The product pages display your standard model wearing the particular piece of clothing in numerous poses, a description about the product you’re viewing, a size guide and an option that enables you to pay for the dress in instalments.

Verge Girl also has a blog that the users can read.

Olive Clothing

A brand that sells clothing that is predominantly British contemporary, Olive Clothing is a website that has a variety of styles that you can choose.

A site that describes its clothing as a combination of heritage with simplicity, playfulness and modernity, the website offers a dynamic search system that helps you navigate through the extensive catalogue the site provides.

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