How to Choose the Right Cardigan

A cardigan is essential a sweater and a piece of clothing that every woman must own. They are of many different shapes, sizes, prints, colour and hence, there’s a cardigan that fits just about everyone in this world.

As they are very flexible when compared to an average sweater, it gives a vast variety of options when it comes down to what it should be worn with.

Cardigans are perfect for layering an outfit that needs balance. It also makes you look laid back and calm.

There are different cardigans for different body types, and hence, in this article, we’ll help you choose the right cardigan that you can be comfortable in.


Wearing a cardigan can suit just about anybody and just like sweaters, there’s an array of options to choose from when it comes to the material of the cardigan.


This is important as it dictates the comfort of wearing as well as maintaining. A silk- thin cardigan, for example, will require constant ironing.

If you do not want to iron a cardigan, you can always go for the knitted variety; a timeless choice, whatever is the case.

You’re also going to want to choose the cardigan based on what you’ll be wearing underneath as shirts that are wrinkled will be seen through cardigans that are revealing in nature.


While choosing a colour, keep in mind you’ll be wearing the same cardigan every day especially if this is your first cardigan or want to wear cardigans more frequently than before.

This is why you need to pick colours that exude confidence on your behalf. The style that you choose underneath must compliment the cardigan that you choose and if you aren’t particularly fond of a specific colour, do not wear that.

Hence, you must not be wearing neutrals underneath and a cardigan that screams colour on top.

The fitting

How the cardigan must fit your body is entirely up to you as people have preferences of their own. There are ones that are oversized and ones that are revealing as well.




You should also have a cardigan for every season as each demand a different material or size. It’s alright if you prefer oversized cardigans, it is perfectly fine. But it still needs to be something that fits your body as best as it possibly can.


As mentioned above, you need to choose a cardigan that matches your dressing style overall. If you like to wear clothes that are loud, make sure not to wear one that is dull and uninteresting.

That is why you need to know about the style that you usually wear so as to purchase the best one that suits your dressing as well as your personality.

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