The 10 Types of Shoes that Every Woman Should Have

Gathering pairs and pairs of shoes in the closet doesn’t seem to be a good strategy as long as you have certain varieties in neutral colors that you can combine on different occasions, you can totally nail all pairs.

In this sense, these 10 models are the must-have’s and stop worrying in vain or spending a lot of money on footwear that you will wear only once.

1.) Peep Toes

The “Peep-toes” are a type of shoe that has a small opening at the tip and are ideal when you want to look elegant, but you do not want your feet to get too hot. In addition to looking sophisticated, they often give the appearance that the leg is longer.

2.) Black Boots

They can be used up to the knee or half of the calf. These pairs are ideal for cold days and can be styled with almost everything, no matter if you wear pants or dress. Prefer those with comfortable heels so you can use them on any occasion.

3.) Ballerinas

Wearing heels every day can be exhausting. Give your feet a break and a chic touch to your look with ballerinas, or “ballet shoes” because they match just about everything you wear. They are also handy to carry in your wallet when you are out of work or at a party where you have spent many hours in uncomfortable shoes.

4.) Platform Sandals

They are ideal to feel tall, comfortable and fresh since you can increase centimeters without torturing your feet.

5.) Canvas Slippers

You can look comfortable and chic at the same time; also ideal for jeans.

Canvas Shoes

6.) Simple Black Shoes

They bail out when you think nothing matches. They are a kind of wildcard for almost any semi-formal or formal affairs.

7.) Metallic Sandals

They can be silver or gold. The important thing is that they are the most suitable to combine with a party dress or wear during a night out in summer.

8.) Boots

They are ideal for the autumn season. They should ideally be in neutral colors such as beige or grey; pastels would be great, too!

9.) Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are essential on those hot days when you just want to walk or rest on the grass.

Flat sandals

10.) Sexy Heels

When your femme fatale spirit comes out, you can wear beautiful shoes that complement your sexy look.

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